About the WCCSA

About Us

Our principal aim is to support our profession by promoting excellence in corporate governance and to align ourselves with the work of the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators in maintaining the highest standards of professional practice.

With the other livery companies, we support the Lord Mayor, the Sheriffs and Aldermen who govern the City. We belong to the Financial Services Group of livery companies, which provides advice and support to the Lord Mayor, who travels extensively overseas promoting the UK’s financial services industry.

We are governed in accordance with our Royal Charter, with a Master and two Wardens, who hold office for one year, and a Court of liverymen. They are supported by a Clerk and several standing committees drawn from members.

We have some three hundred members who are senior company secretaries or administrators working in commerce, financial services, public service and the not for profit organisations, bringing to the Company a broad variety of work experience which contributes to an interesting and enjoyable fellowship. Many of our members live or work in London, but we have members throughout the UK, as well as several in and from other parts of the world. We are associated with several organisations and we are proud of our affiliations with the armed services. These include from the Royal Navy, HMS Ambush, the Defence Maritime Logistics School and the West Ham Unit of the Sea Cadet Corps; from the Army, The Adjutant General’s Corps, The Staff and Personnel Support Branch (Army); and from the Royal Air Force, The RAF Personnel Branch and Trade, and Base Support Wing, Odiham.

We are associated with two schools in disadvantaged areas in London, Rokeby School and Bethnal Green Academy

As a livery company, we are essentially a charitable organisation and through our Charitable Trust Fund we make regular grants and awards to students in our affiliated branches as well as other branches of the armed services and to students in our profession and others in several universities and colleges. Our Fund has grown through regular donations and legacies from Liverymen and our intention is to increase it by donations and fund raising, to enable us to continue our educational activities.

For our members we aim to provide fellowship through a programme of events, which include two formal dinners each year held in the beautiful surroundings of a livery hall, an annual lecture, talks on professional topics and informal social gatherings.