The Master is responsible for the governance of the Company, supported and assisted by the Senior Warden and the Junior Warden.   The Master and the Wardens are elected at a Court meeting held in July and installed at a Court meeting held in October.  The Master and Wardens each hold office for one year.

The Court comprises the Master and Wardens and at least ten Assistants who are all liverymen, five of whom are those who have been Master of the Company during the previous five years.   The Court appoints separate committees to consider finance and education and a Clerk to manage the day to day administration of the Company.

The Master, the Wardens and Clerk meet regularly to discuss the Company’s business, and the Court meets four times a year.   An Assembly of all liverymen meets once a year, usually in October. The Trustees of the Charitable Fund meet four times a year.


David Lock – Master
Christina Parry, OBE – Senior Warden
Edward Nicholl – Junior Warden

Assistant – voting members (by date of appointment)
Charles Ledsam
Julie Fox
Patricia Day
Bish Lis
Sandra Worsdall
Christopher Hallam
John Rowland-Jones
David Pointet
Stephen Osborne
Angela Squire
James de Sausmarez
Stephen Gilbert
Les Smith
Group Captain Mark Heffron
Gabrielle Williams Hamer

Assistant – non-voting members (by date of appointment)
Adèle Thorpe
Francis Spencer-Cotton
Commander Rory Jackson RN (Retired)