Lord Mayor’s Show

Erica, Charlotte + DJL with banner

Erica, Charlotte + DJL with banner

The Company was represented in the Lord Mayor’s Show on 11 November. The Master, Clerk and John Phillips Memorial prize winner Charlotte Priestly walked with the other modern companies before a golden double decker in the early part of the procession.

Great fun was had by all.

The atmosphere was amazing. The whole parade of over 140 floats paused for 2 minutes silence at precisely 11 o-clock to mark the Armistice. Then, as the parade moved forwards, the stirring music from the marching band in front of us and the cheers of the crowd competed with the chimes of church bells to produce a cacophony of joyful noise. The bunting and banners along the route added a festive atmosphere. Walking the route in close proximity to the crowd provided opportunities for ‘high fives’ with children and good-natured banter with the shouts of well-wishers. It even stayed dry!

The new Lord Mayor, Charles Bowman, was well and truly welcomed and in the time honoured tradition, the Livery Companies had been to the fore in welcoming him.