Rokeby Goes to Ghana

As part of the Company’s support for Rokeby School the Charitable Trustees have been pleased to support an initiative of the boys and staff of the school for an educational exchange with Jubilee Boys’ school, Cape Coast, Ghana. The visit took place in July and a brief report from the school is below.

Teachers and boys who organised and made the visit will be at the Company’s networking evening on 13 September and will be speaking about the many aspects of and learning from the experience. Please save the date.

For the future, it is planned that boys from the Jubilee Boys’ School will visit London when Rokeby and our City will give them an equivalent international and life-changing experience and educate us about Ghana.


After three years of fundraising, myself and the Ghana Kuo team finally set off to Ghana. We arrived at the Kotoka International Airport in Accra and we transferred to the Partner Schools Worldwide New Haven Hotel. We have to thank the cook, Augustine for her scrumptious cooking, our taste buds were enlivened by a variety of foods we hadn’t tasted before including yam chips, rice balls and peanut soup and bean stew. We travelled from Accra to Cape Coast and visited the chief to show our respect and ask for his permission to stay in Cape Coast. We then went to Jubilee Boys’ school, our partner school, to meet the staff and our buddies, they were very welcoming and made us all feel right at home. Over the next few days we painted and tidied up the school nursery, played football and table tennis with our buddies, observed one of their maths lessons and taught our own lessons on English, Maths and Biology. In exchange, they taught us about the ten regions in Ghana. We also had a dance and drum session which was a lot of fun. We visited Kakum National Park where we crossed the rope bridge, Hans Cottage Crocodile Sanctuary where we had the opportunity to touch the crocodiles and go on a boat ride, Cape Cost & Elmina Castle, the local market and the beach which had an attractive view of the sea. Overall, it was an impressive and emotional trip overall, I am very grateful to have had the chance to experience a different part of the world.